Canadian Commemorative Coins
These are my Canadian Commemorative coins. Commemorative coins are
issued by the Royal Canadian Mint to commemorate special events, places or
people. You can click on any picture to bring up a larger size of the coin.
Year: 1994
Denomination: $1
Mintage: 178,485
Composition: .925 silver, .075
Artist: Ian D. Sparkes
History: This Canadian Proof
Dollar coin commemorates the 25th
anniversary of the last RCMP Sled
Dog Patrol. It is graded by PCGS as
PR67DCAM. This means it is a
Proof coin rated 67/70 and has a
deep mirror look.
Circulating Coins
Year: 1939
Denomination: $1
Mintage: 1,363,816
Composition: .800 silver, .200
Artist: T.H. Paget & Emanuel Hahn
History: This dollar was issued to
mark the visit of George VI and
Queen Elizabeth's visit to Canada.
This was Canada's second
commemorative coin.
Proof Coins
Year: 1984
Denomination: $1
Mintage: 571,079
Composition: .500 silver, .500
Artist: D.J. Craig
History: This Canadian Proof
Dollar coin commemorates the
150th anniversary of the
incorporation of the City of Toronto
in 1834. It is still in it's case from the
Royal Canadian Mint.