Canadian Dimes
These are my Canadian dimes. Dimes have a face value of 10 cents. You can
click on any picture to bring up a larger size of the coin.
Year: 1920
Denomination: 10 cents
Mintage: 6,305,345
Composition: .800 silver, .200
Artist: Sir E.B. MacKennal &
W.H.J. Blakemore
History: This is a 1920 dime. It has
Maple Leaves on the front and King
George V on the back.
Year: 1945
Denomination: 10 cents
Mintage: 10,979,570
Composition: .800 silver, .200
Artist: T.H. Paget & Emanuel Hahn
History: This is a 1945 dime. It has
the famous fishing and racing
schooner Bluenose on the front and
King George VI on the back.