Welcome to Steve's Coins!
Hi and welcome to Steve's Coins!
I have made this website to keep track of and share my coins and bank notes
from Canada, the US, and around the world. I got into serious coin collecting
in 2007. In 2008 I also started to collect bank notes. My main interest in
bank notes is the American ones but I also have many from Canada and the
rest of the world. My collection is constantly growing and getting upgraded.
Click the links on the left hand side of the page to start viewing my coin and
bank note collection! If you have some time, also drop by the guest book and
leave a message! I hope you all enjoy this website and thanks for visiting!

1923 USA $1 Silver
2009 Kazakhstan 1 oz.
Silver Atila the Hunter
2010 Canada 1/25th oz.
1953 USA $2 Red Seal
2009 Shawnee Nation 1
oz. Silver coin
My 5 Newest Additions
Many people handle or care for coins
in the wrong way. You should always
hold a coin by it's edges to avoid any
damage or prints to the coin. Also you
never clean or polish coins.
This can create scratches on coins,
take off the original mint layer, and
even start to slowly corrode the coin.
Store your coins in a cool dry place,
avoid humidity and for your notes,
avoid sunlight. Also avoid anything
(mainly plastics) that contains PVC as
the gases that this gives off will also
harm your coins.
Proper Handling and Care