United States Commemoratives
These are my United States Commemoratives. These are coins that were issued
by the United States to commemorate an event or for collectors. You can click
on any picture to bring up a larger size of the coin.
Proof Coins
Year: 1986
Denomination: 50 cents
Mintage: 6,925,627
Composition: .750 copper, .250
Artist: Edgar Steever & Sherl
Joseph Winter

History: This proof half dollar was
issued to commemorate the
centennial of the Statue of Liberty.
Ellis Island is shown on the front
while the Statue of Liberty is shown
on the back.
Year: 2009
Denomination: $1
Mintage: 500,000
Composition: .900 silver, .100
Artist: Phebe Hemphill & Justin

History: This dollar was issued to
mark the b
icentennial anniversary of
Abraham Lincoln's birth. It has
Lincoln on the front and on the
reverse are the last words to
Lincoln's famous Gettysburg
Year: 1986
Denomination: $1
Mintage: 6,414,638
Composition: .800 silver, .200
Artist: John Mercanti
History: This proof dollar was
issued to c
ommemorate the
centennial of the Statue of Liberty.
The torch is pictured on the front
and the Statue of Liberty in front of
Ellis Island is pictured on the back.